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I commend the Burlington Footnotes’ mission to engage and encourage older adults to reach their creative potential.   You continue to create an inclusive and accessible space where everyone can participate whether as a stage performer, dancing and singing, or as an enthralled audience clapping with enthusiasm.  On your 18th Gotta SING, Gotta DANCE!, I congratulate you on bringing us together to enjoy the wonderful art of dance and the joy of performance.


Honorable Karina Gould

Member of Parliament, Burlington




I’m grateful to the Burlington Footnotes for this joyful reminder that dedication, hard-work and talent in the service of music and dance brings the fun for all of us.


Jane McKenna

MPP Burlington




This production continues to highlight how vibrant and talented people of all ages are in our city, and it is events like this that contribute to what makes Burlington so culturally rich and engaging.


Marianne Meed Ward

Mayor City of Burlington




These folks move it, shake it, stir it all around and leave you breathless with their relentless energy.


Gary Smith

Hamilton Spectator

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